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1. Visas & Passports

2. Getting there

3. Getting around

4. Eating & sleeping

5. Costs

6. Health

7. Safety

8. Climate

9. Shopping

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Eat and sleep

For hotels and restaurants, there is only one thing to say. Excellent. When I was in Cairo I paid US$7 a night for a for a beautiful room right in the town centre. And I ate big meals in first class restaurants for US$2- 5. The same applies for the whole country, but beware, if your stomach is a bit sensitive, and you like clean toilet seats, avoid the cheapest possibilities. And even the most stubborn budgeteer should allow himself the small cost of splurging. But for those who want to know: You can find a room for US$1 a night, and in some instances you get clean sheets and toilets that works included. And you can fill your stomach at the cost of US$0,30, and if you eat at one of the fast food places, you shouldn't fear spending days where all you can think about is the nearest toilet.
For those with unlimited amounts of money, luxury is easily available in all major places. Some hotels charge hundreds of dollars a night, and many places are really worth that much.

By Tore Kjeilen