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1. Old quarters

2. Palace of the Dux

3. Theatre

4. Roman baths

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Apollonia, Libya

In Byzantine times, Apollonia was known as the city of churches. Within the fairly compact city centre, there were 4 and one right outside, with 19 towers altogether. One of the city churches was part of the Palace of the Dux, the rest, free-standing basilicas.
The Eastern Church (top photo) was the largest among them. Its columns were made from marble exported from the Greek island of Paros. The finest of its mosaics can be seen in the local museum.

Apollonia, Libya

In the Central Church some of the marble floor has survived.

Apollonia, Libya

The Western Church have partly used columns from older structures. Its four green columns in the sanctuary are of Roman origin, while its four white were made by the Byzantines for this church.

By Tore Kjeilen