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- "Come inside!"

Ghadames, Libya

Ghadames, Libya

Houses in Ghadames were usually of two storeys, and with a central living room. This could often be as high as the two storeys, and served as the centre of all activities in the house, including eating meals and receiving guests.
While the main bedrooms were right in from the living room, the first floor had more bedrooms, as well as storage and food preparation rooms. The roof often served as kitchen, and here there also was a door connecting to the neighbour house. As many as 6 houses could be connected this way, and it was usually between close relatives.
Windows were not vital to the houses, rather skylights were used to bring light into the house. Interior decorations were usually done by the women. Strong colours, usually red, and intricate patterns dominates.

Ghadames, Libya

By Tore Kjeilen