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National monuments

Ghirza, Libya

Ghirza is perhaps the most important examples of pure national history. At Ghirza there is a group of 3rd century CE buildings, including temples belonging solely to Libyan religion, revering a the local god, Gurzil.
Still, the architecture here is very much Roman, the locals here have employed techniques learned from the Romans.
Ghirza's culture survived at least until the 11th century.
Also, look out for the local tombs, which belongs to a Middle Eastern non-Roman tradition of being high-rise structures (Haidra of Tunisia, and Palmyra of Syria are excellent parallels). Ghirza's tombs are distinct, not as high-rising, but very attractive, noted for their outer colonnades.
Far away (ca. 1000 km), but also an important stop for a exploration of national history, is Slonta in Cyrenaica.

Ghirza, Libya

Eat and Sleep
There is a modern settlement at Ghirza, but only a small village without hotels or restaurants.

No public transport out here. Arranging for transportation is expensive, or you will have to use your time to catch up with cars passing by. Misrata is your best base for the tour.

Going Next
190 km north: Misrata

By Tore Kjeilen