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The migrating town

Houn, Libya

Houn, Libya

Houn never seems to rest, it has changed its location 4 times through its recorded history. The last Houn, which is up to 150 years old, is the one in best condition. The Houn before this, up to 500 years old, has visibile ruins, but good imagination is needed in order to comprehend how life once was,- none of its mud-brick houses are still standing. The original town, called Miskan is now mostly covered with sand, but there are ongoing excavations. The new Houn is located 4 km to the south-east of Miskan.
There is a local festival in Houn, every year the 15. of Ramadan, where cookies are baked and eaten in the night.
Much of the landscape around Houn, called Al Jufra, is black basalt mountains, with wild landscape. It is wise to spend good time on the trip between the coast and Al Jufra. Near Huon, the villages of Sukna and Waddan are well worth exploring. Sukna to the south, for its beautiful setting, with sand dunes meeting the palm trees. Waddan, to the north, has a ruined ksar in the middle, as well as a couple of interesting mosques.

Houn, Libya

Houn, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Houn has a hostel and one hotel. Food is best obtained at the hostel or the hotel.

Buses connect Houn with Sirte. LexicOrient has not been able to find specific information for public transport to places further south, like Sabha, but is appears likely that there are such things available.

Going Next
250 km north: Sirte
500 km northwest: Misrata
350 km southwest: Sabha

By Tore Kjeilen