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1. Jamahiriya Museum, part 1

2. Jamahiriya Museum, part 2

3. Tripoli Castle

4. Medina and suuqs

5. Aurelian Arch

6. Gurgi Mosque

7. Other medina mosques

8. Karamanli house

9. Italian cathedral

10. Modern city

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Jamahiriya Museum, part 2

Tripoli, Libya / Jamahiriya Museum

Tripoli, Libya / Jamahiriya Museum

Tripoli, Libya / Jamahiriya Museum. Three Graces from Cyrene

The Three Graces from the Roman Baths in Cyrene.

(...continued from part 1) The most impressive gallery of the museum is probably the Roman. It is dominated by superb statues, most having been taken from Leptis Magna. Oea (same location as modern Tripoli) and Sabratha are also represented, then mainly with mosaics.
The 1st floor covers the transition from Roman, through the Christian Byzantine to the Islamic era. The 2nd floor shows Islamic culture. Passing on to the 3rd floor, exhibits become drastically less impressive than the ground floor, but instead you get great impressions of daily life for the average person, showing things like a Turkish kitchen, clothes and artefacts of the different peoples of Libya.
The 4th floor is mainly dedicated to modern Libyan history, including whole galleries showing nothing but pictures of Gadhafi.
Should not the first 38 galleries be enough for you, the last 9 are devoted to natural history. Actually not to be missed, animal life of Libya is quite elusive while you move around the country by yourself.

Prices and hours / Admission 3LD, camera permission 5LD and video permission 10LD. Open all days except Monday, 08.00-14.00, Fridays also 16.00-18.00. This also include entry into the Tripoli Castle

By Tore Kjeilen