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1. Jamahiriya Museum, part 1

2. Jamahiriya Museum, part 2

3. Tripoli Castle

4. Medina and suuqs

5. Aurelian Arch

6. Gurgi Mosque

7. Other medina mosques

8. Karamanli house

9. Italian cathedral

10. Modern city

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Gurgi Mosque

Libya, Tripoli / Gurgi Mosque

The Gurgi Mosque is quite a different mosque, with its happy floral decorations, especially on the minbar. Apart from that, it lends heavily from Turkish mosques, although it employs largely Tunisian ceramic work.
It was completed in 1833, built by the command of the naval captain Mustafa Gurgi. Gurgi is of Egyptian Arabic, meaning "From Georgia". Gurgi and his family's tombs are in the antechamber, in from the door to the right of the minbar.
It has an octagonal minaret, which is unusual for Tripoli. Although the mosque is quite small in size, but still has as much as 16 domes, 4 by 4 above the prayer hall (lower photo shows one of the domes).

Libya, Tripoli / Gurgi Mosque

By Tore Kjeilen