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1. Jamahiriya Museum, part 1

2. Jamahiriya Museum, part 2

3. Tripoli Castle

4. Medina and suuqs

5. Aurelian Arch

6. Gurgi Mosque

7. Other medina mosques

8. Karamanli house

9. Italian cathedral

10. Modern city

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Other medina mosques

Tripoli, Libya / Dragut Mosque

Dragut Mosque.

Tripoli, Libya / Karamanli Mosque

Karamanli Mosque.

There are no large and impressive mosques in Tripoli's medina, but several are quite attractive.
The Karamanli Mosque is the largest mosque in the medina, built in 1738, and located to the main area of the medina, right in from the Green Square and behind Tripoli Castle. Its prayer hall is roofed by 25 domes, and it has 5 doorways. Look out for the balconies on 3 sides of the prayer hall. The mosque has some of the finest woodwork in all of Libya.
The Dragut Mosue was built by nothing less than pirate, a highly successful one, Dragut who died in 1565. Its small scale is mainly a result of Dragut's early death (age 51), as well as poor reconstruction after World War 2. Dragut is buried in the mosque.
The Mosque of Sidi Salem, with a cylindrical minaret is among the oldest, dating back to the 15th century.
The Sidi Abdul Wahab Mosque feels almost lost where it now lies, outside the city walls and dwarfed by the modern sea port.
There are more mosques around the medina, the Othman Pasha Mosque, an-Naga Mosque, the Mahmud Mosque, the Dorouj Mosque, the Sidi Salem Mosque and the Kharrouba Mosque.

Tripoli, Libya / Sidi Abdul Wahab Mosque

Sidi Abdul Wahab Mosque.

By Tore Kjeilen