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Australia of the Sahara

This place would have no right to exist if weren't for the mining possibilities here. For some decades, copper mining made this into a fairly important town, especially in the 1970s. All copper has been dug out by now, but a new group of miners have arrived here. Gold diggers from Australia. There aren't more than a few dozen of them, but Akjoujt have gained a peculiar touch.
Beyond this there is little to see around here, except for the extreme wilderness. A couple of crumbling mud-brick houses, will not be much of an attraction to most travellers.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing, but there are eating and tea houses, serving locals, and most probably you as well.

No form of public transportation which serves Akjoujt as an independent stop, all cars and trucks pass through.

Going Next
200 km northeast: Atar
300 km southwest: Nouakchott

By Tore Kjeilen