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Dramatic views

The mountain pass en route between Atar and Chinguetti, offers some of the most spectacular views in Mauritania. After passing through a landscape of sand dunes meeting gardens of palms, you come to the gorge of Amogjar just before the Amogjar Pass.


Near the Amogjar Pass, rock paintings are found, depicting a time of a green landscape, giraffes, cows and hunters. Of animals here now, only camels and metre long lizards, still exists.


Eat and Sleep
Nothing. Sleep and eat in nearby Chinguetti or Atar.

In order to really experience this region, you will have to set for private vehicles. Arrange for this from Chinguetti or Atar.

Going Next
60 km southeast: Chinguetti
40 km southwest: Atar

By Tore Kjeilen