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Ayoun al-Atrous

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Stopover town

When driving east from Nouakchott, there is fairly little to attract most traveller's interests. Ayunu l-Atrus is an improvement from what is exposed from other towns. The sandstone houses, of which there still are a number, is nice, and walks out to the rocks near the town offers some nice views. The market of Ayunu l-Atrus has become renowned for its trade beads. There was earlier a caravanserai to the west of the town, but that has now seized to exist.

Eat and Sleep
One OK hotel. Food is difficult to come across, but you need not worry about starving!

Simple public transportation, either in direction of Nouakchott, or in eastern direction. CiAS does not know of any public form of transportation in direction of Mali. One air flight to Nouakchott weekly.

Going Next
180 km south: Mali, the country
300 km east: Nema
200 km west: Kiffa
800 km west: Nouakchott

By Tore Kjeilen