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Citadel and necropolis





Azougui has an impressive history, as it was the old Almoravid capital in the 11th and 12th centuries, before the conquests of Ghana, Morocco, and Andalucia made them leave their old stronghold. With all the centuries in-between, fairly little remains. The citadel is still partly standing, as well as the necropolis of Imam Hadrami, a holy warrior from the 11th century. There is a mausoleum built around Imam Hadrami, and this is still venerated.

Eat and Sleep
There is nothing at all here, not even a normal settlement.

In winter time, it is quite possible to walk from Atar and back in one day. If driving, a 4WD is highly necessary.

Going Next
15 km southeast: Atar

By Tore Kjeilen