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Where Sahara meets the ocean

Banc d'Arguin

The national park of Banc d'Arguin stretches about 160 km along the Atlantic coast, covering more than 12,000 km² of surface. There are about 280 species of birds here, and all together more than 2,5 million individuals. The variety of animals and plants is higher here than elsewhere in Mauritania, and many places the nature is green and fresh, and totally different than the desert nature.
There is a small entry fee to get into the national park, but the real challenges lies in getting around, as you will need to hire a boat.
Another attraction of the national park are the seven villages of the Imragen people. Their number is a modest 500, all living from fishing. The best time to visit their area is November, when they catch yellow mullet. The fisher men beats the water with pods, making dolphins hunt the fish towards the shore.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing, and you should be careful about camping without a permission from the local authorities.

There are no roads into the park, so you will need to get around with a 4WD car.

Going Next
200-300 km south: Nouakchott
250-400 km north: Nouadhibou

By Tore Kjeilen