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The religious centre


While the economical base of Boutilimit is undermined by the capital region, it continues to be one of the most important centres of Muslim scholarship in this part of West Africa, as well as the religious capital of Mauritania. In the town's libraries and in the madrasas, many of the future local leaders of Mauritania receive their education. The religious importance comes from the founding of the town by a mystic in the 19th century. Boutilimit is renowned for the handicrafts, principally rugs from camel or goat hair, as well as silverware.


Mauritania's first president, Mukhtar Ould Daddah, was born in Boutilimit, a fact that the locals take much pride in.


Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels or restaurants.

Shared taxis in either western or eastern directions.

Going Next
325 km southeast: Kaédi
400 km east: Kiffa
250 km northwest: Nouakchott

By Tore Kjeilen