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Chegga lies in the northeastern flap squeezed between Algeria and Mali. As a matter of fact, the a long part of the road between the rest of Mauritania and Chegga goes through Mali.
Chegga is mainly a military outpost, but it has been a tiny settlement and caravan stop for centuries, due to its permanent source.
With its location so deep into the Sahara desert, Chegga sees the extremes of the deserts' temperature. During winter nights frost covers the ground, while summer days often pass 50º Celsius.
There is one attraction in Chegga, the fort. It is not old, but dramatic in its setting. The other main attraction is of course the road out here, along the long escarpment of Hank.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing, go for camping and bring your own provisions.

Difficult if you do not have your own transportation. If you do have it, it is best to hire a guide in Zouerate or Ouadane. The driving conditions are not difficult, but it is easy to get lost.

Going Next
900 km west: Bir Moghrein
1,200 km southwest: Ouadane
1,000 km southwest: Zouerate
1,100 km southwest: Char
250 km northeast: Algeria (Chenachane)

By Tore Kjeilen