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Guelb Richat

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Greatest crater

Guelb er Richat

Guelb er Richat

The Guelb er Richat is the largest guelb in Mauritania with a diameter of about 50 km. What has caused this circular depression in nature is uncertain. Some speculations say it is the remains of a grand meteorite impact, other speculations say it is caused by magmatic rise.
The dimensions of the guelb are so big that it is easily visible from space, and is sometimes called "The Eye of Africa".
Standing on ground, it is often quite possible lose the perspective of the dimensions. Its circular shape is slightly difficult to see, even if the sides of the guelb at many points stand as tall as 200 metres above the lowest points.
Today there are only few people living in the guelb, the exception is at the copper mine. But travelling around even the uninhabited areas, it is quite easy to spot traces of human activity going thousands of years back in time. Needles, fasteners and points of lances can be tracked down by visitors with time on their hands.

Eat and Sleep
Surprisingly, there is a hotel in the centre of the guelb. Modest, but as close to a lunar hotel as you could ever hope for.

No form of public transportation. Arrange for round trips from Ouadane.

Going Next
40 km southwest: Ouadane

By Tore Kjeilen