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The bustling market


Kaédi is quite a nice city, and rather bustling, as it is the third largest city of Mauritania. There is quite little to see around here, in respect of normal tourist attractions, but the market and the proximity to the Senegal river system are enough to sustain the interest of most travellers for quite a bit of time. The market is considered as one of the more interesting in Mauritania, but will often reflect more of the sub-saharan culture than the Moorish cultures to the north.
Animal life around Kaédi is richer than what is found in most other regions of Mauritania, and zebu cattle is particularly evident.

Eat and Sleep
A couple of offerings, like the good UN camp. Food is found in the same places as you eat.

Simple forms of public transport will bring you to Kaédi, as well as out of it.

Going Next
325 km northwest: Boutilimit
575 km northwest: Nouakchott
300 km west: Rosso

By Tore Kjeilen