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Another stopover


Kiffa has one good attraction for its visitors, the nice market. This has a couple of distinct qualities, with local handicrafts on the offer. Except from this, the mosque is modest but attractive.
Apart from this, Kiffa is a typical Mauritanian village with a good number of houses spread over the red soil for a radius of a couple kilometres.

Eat and Sleep
One hotel, as well as the house of the Peace Corps. Food is problematic to find outside these two places.

Taxis and cars connect Kiffa to other parts of Mauritania. Sometimes the air plane lands in Kiffa when serving Selibaby-Nouakchott.

Going Next
125 km northeast: Aoudaghost
200 km east: Ayunu l-Atrus
600 km west: Nouakchott

By Tore Kjeilen