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Kumbi Saleh

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Old capital of the Ghana empire

Kumbi Saleh

Kumbi Salah is not on the main track, you will need a good 4WD and an even better guide in order to arrive here,- far out into the sand dunes. Kumbi Salah did once have as much as 30,000 inhabitants, and was the capital of the empire of Ghana.
There is more to be done in the field of archaeology, but impressive stone quarters have been revealed, as well as one out of the 12 enormous mosques that Kumbi Salah had in its heyday.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing, not even a settlement. Camp and bring enough provisions.

Your own transport, no chance of getting a lift with anyone (unless you run into other travellers with Kumbi Salah on their itinerary, their own 4WD, and a free seat).

Going Next
180 km northeast: Nema
70 km northwest: Timbedgha (on the main road)
250 km northwest: Ayunu l-Atrus

By Tore Kjeilen