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Green gardens and interesting architecture

Nema is about as far east as you can get in Mauritania without putting extra efforts into it. Nema is a place of quite a number of nice spots. The architecture here is of stone and clad with clay, quite a bit like what is found further north in Oualata. Nema is adorned with luscious green vegetable gardens.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of normal hotels nor restaurants, but ask for 'Maison Sass', who accepts lodgers for US$4 including food.

Weekly flight for Nouakchott. A shared taxi system will bring you west along the transmauritanienne. There is a fair chance that you get get a lift with one of the trucks leaving in northern direction for Oualata.

Going Next
150 km south: Mali, the country
80 km north: Oualata
350 km west: Ayunu l-Atrus

By Tore Kjeilen