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Plage des Pecheurs

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Plage des PÍcheurs and the Wharf

Plage des Pecheurs

One of the best retreats from dusty Nouakchott, is the beach and the port, Wharf. The main attraction of the small and old port of Wharf is the fisher boats coming in with their catch in the afternoon. They also offer services for those interested in going fishing themselves.
The beach is really good, and unspoilt, and the water is clean, too. This is a place excellent for meeting young people in a relaxed ambience, and the beach becomes almost crowded in the weekends. There is fishing activity here as well, with many Senegalese fishermen, and this would be your best place to eat around Nouakchott. The fish is fresh, and it's grilled on the spot, and sold at sensible prices.

Eat and Sleep
One hotel, medium price range. Eating can be done with ease at the beach, but getting beverages is problematic.

Taxis and cars run between the beach and the capital.

Going Next
5 km east: Nouakchott

By Tore Kjeilen