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Tin Labbe

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Almost troglodytes

Tin Labbe

Tin Labbé is quite a site. While not with the same high quality of underground dwellings as in Matmata in Tunisia, but with a setting more dramatic than any other troglodyte villages of North Africa.
Rock shelters and crevices have been used to form large parts of the building structures here, when man finished their houses with stones and mud.
Nearby, rock paintings, as well as writing in Arabic and old Tuareg alphabet can be located.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing. Return to Ouadane for the night (which is hardly any better), or camp out for the night (which can be cold).

Walk from Ouadane, but if you try hard, you could arrange for a drive with local chauffeurs. This is, however, expensive.

Going Next
7 km southeast: Ouadane

By Tore Kjeilen