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1. Tremendous beach

2. Modern streets

3. Finding the real suuq

4. The kasbah

5. After the earthquake

6. Talborjt at night

7. The town zoo

8. Port, Fish market


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The tremendous beach

Agadir, Morocco

OK! So Agadir might not be all that spectacular. And not all that Oriental, either. But as soon as you're down on the beach, it is easy for anyone to really enjoy the city. The beach is all about relaxing!
The beach is simply spectacular. It is clean, long, wide and there is a continuous breeze coming in from the Atlantic which makes it a pleasant place all through the day. The only drawbacks are the undercurrents, which can be strong and dangerous, and the temperatures which can be unpleasantly low in winter time.

Agadir, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen