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1. Tremendous beach

2. Modern streets

3. Finding the real suuq

4. The kasbah

5. After the earthquake

6. Talborjt at night

7. The town zoo

8. Port, Fish market


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After the earthquake

The memorial park of Agadir

Flowers in the memorial park of Agadir

With the earthquake of 1960 Agadir saw one of the most complete wipe-outs of any earthquake in this century: only a small quarter north along the beach survived. 15,000 people died, and Agadir moved its centre a couple of kilometre south and away from the dangerous epicentre.
The memorial park is placed where the old town centre once was, and except a small mosque and some structures that can serve for ceremonies, there is nothing but trees and flowers here. The area is not really a place for excursions — there are too of Agadir's inhabitants who have many memories buried in the soil.

By Tore Kjeilen