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1. Tremendous beach

2. Modern streets

3. Finding the real suuq

4. The kasbah

5. After the earthquake

6. Talborjt at night

7. The town zoo

8. Port, Fish market


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Port and the Fish market

Agadir, Morocco

The fish market of Agadir has been turned into the surprise tourist attraction. The reason is simple enough: with the lack of typical tourist attractions in Agadir, all the tour operators throw in the fish market as an attraction. And impressed by its size and its vitality, the tour groupers take it in as a true gem.
Agadir is truly an important fish city, serving both African and European markets. The fisheries outside West Africa are rich, but there is a danger of the extinction of certain types of fish, where especially the Sardines are threatened by high tech fising vessels from the European Union.
The port of Agadir has started to become somewhat of a tourist trap. The real reason is the startling change it represents from the rest of the tourist's Agadir, that starts just 200 metres from the port gates.
The port is a bustling affair, and thrives from the rich fisheries off the Moroccan Atlantic coast.

Agadir, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen