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1. Tremendous beach

2. Modern streets

3. Finding the real suuq

4. The kasbah

5. After the earthquake

6. Talborjt at night

7. The town zoo

8. Port, Fish market


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Agadir hotels

Ait Laayoune (t. 028 824375) Good value for money
Amenou (t. 028 841556) OK value for money
Canaria (t. 028 856727) Good value for money
Diaf (t. 028 825852) Good value for money
Excelsior (t. 028 821028) OK value for money
Massa (t. 028 822409) OK value for money
Tamri (t. 028 821880) OK value for money
Tour Eiffel (t. 028 823712) OK value for money

Atlantic (t. 028 843661) Good value for money
Ayour (t. 028 824976) Good value for money
el-Bahia (t. 028 822724) Good value for money
Moderne (t. 028 840473) Good value for money
de Paris (t. 028 822694) OK value for money
Tiznine (t. 028 843925) Excellent value for money

Aferni Swimming pool (t. 028 840730) Good value for money
les Palmiers Near beach. (t. 028 843719) Good value for money
Pergola 8 km south. (t. 028 271801) Good value for money
Petit Suede (t. 028 840779) Good value for money
Provencal 9 km south. Swimming pool (t. 028 832612) Good value for money
Sindibad Swimming pool (t. 028 823477) Good value for money
Talborjt (t. 028 840386) Good value for money

Jamal Swimming pool (t. 028 ) Good value for money
Kamal Swimming pool (t. 028 842817) Good value for money
Mabrouk Swimming pool Near beach. (t. 028 840606) Good value for money
Miramar Near beach. (t. 028 840770) Good value for money
Marhaba Swimming pool Near beach. (t. 028 840670) Good value for money
al Mountassir Swimming pool (t. 028 843228) Good value for money
Residence Farah Apartments. (t. 028 843933) Good value for money
Residence Karam Swimming pool Apartments. (t. 028 848407) Good value for money
Studiotel Afoud Swimming pool Apartments. (t. 028 843999) Good value for money
Residence Sacha Swimming pool Apartments. (t. 028 841167) Good value for money
Studiotel Soraya Swimming pool Apartments. (t. 028 827809) Good value for money
Sud Bahia Swimming pool (t. 028 846384) Good value for money
Yasmina Apartments. (t. 028 842660) Good value for money

Adrar Swimming pool (t. 028 840417) Good value for money
Agadir Beach Club Swimming pool On the beach. (t. 028 844343) Excellent value for money
Amadil Beach Swimming pool (t. 028 829300) Good value for money
Jacaranda 5 km south. (t. 028 280316) Good value for money
Al Moggar Swimming pool (t. 028 842270) Good value for money
(t. 028 )

Dorint Atlantic Palace Swimming pool (t. 028 824146) Good value for money
Al-Madina Palace Swimming pool (t. 028 845353) Good value for money
Palais des Roses Swimming pool (t. 028 849400) Excellent value for money
Riu Tikida Beach Swimming pool (t. 028 845400) Excellent value for money

More hotels in Inezgane, 8-13 km south.

Eating in Agadir, Morocco

My first meeting with what may be my favourite dish: Pil-pil, a very spicy dish of prawns, eaten with a lot of bread.

Hotels and alternatives
Agadir has a lot of hotels that range from lousy places that double as brothels to five star hotels with more than one swimming pool. Agadir is stadily getting more and more popular as a tourist destination, and anyone coming here during European or Muslim holidays as well as weekends should try to make reservations ahead.

Restaurants and alternatives
Agadir has plenty of restaurants, and is one of the few places in Morocco where Western style restaurants manage to serve good foreign food. But still, there are more mediocre than good places around. And as so often else in this country, the price level doesn't necessarily indicate anything in respect of quality.
If you really look for some great genuine Moroccan food, step out from the tourist streets and look for the first place where normal Agadirians stay and eat: this is the place where the people who know go.

Agadir offers a wide range of activities. Along the beach, camel rides, water scooters and parachute-pulling of speed boats are standard offerings. Apart from that, there are many tennis courts, but if your hotel doesn't have one, you will have to look quite a bit around to find a place that will open to you. Agadir also has a 18 hole golf course.

Agadir's night life is fairly good seen with European eyes, but fantastic seen with Moroccan eyes. Most dicos and clubs are part of hotels, but they normally allow outside guests. Some, but only a few of these are frequented by normal Moroccan girls, but in most cases when there is a Moroccan girl in such a place, she is actually out working.
Moroccan men are numerous in places like this, and unfortunately a good number of these are de facto prostitutes too: looking for Western women with whom they will spend time and have all expenses paid as well as expecting a gift. But just like with women , a good number of the men are just out having fun.

Change Money
Agadir has several banks, as well as ATMs. Many hotels will change money.

Agadir has buses passing through just east of the Talborjt up town. But most of the traffic from Agadir is served through Inezgane. In order to get to Inezgane, you will have to jump on a bus (easy, cheap) or take a taxi (easy, not expensive if you know how much to pay).

How to get there
Agadir has good connections with all possible destination. Air planes bring you to most destinations in Morocco, even in southern direction. There are even internatioal flights on Agadir. Most of these are chartered flights, as tourism is the main activity down here. For many europeans, Agadir is the most affordable destination in North Africa.
Morocco imageBuses are preferred by most Moroccan travellers, but has a tendency of becoming full quickly, much because Agadir is only a stop on the way south or north.
Morocco imageShared taxis could have been easier to use in Agadir, as you have to go to the neighbouring Inezgane (10 km south) (which is part of larger Agadir) to get one. Hired taxis, a bit more expensive, can be ordered to come to your hotel, but a company of six (the maximum number of passengers in a Moroccan taxi) pay more each than they would do in a normal, shared taxi, which has fixed rates.
Morocco imageRenting a car in Agadir is easy, and a little bit less expensive than in other parts of Morocco. At around 2500- 3000 dh a week (all included, except gaz) a small car is at your disposal, and small villages can be reached easily. The cheapest deals are normally with the company Tourist Cars, but my last experience with them was a car that almost killed me. Of the cheap companies, Afric Cars is the best.

By Tore Kjeilen