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1. Oasis of Aït Antar

2. Oasis of Tagadirt

3. Oasis of Taourirt

4. Oasis of Aït Rahal

5. The pools near the spring

6. The crumbling kasbah

7. The imposing Agadir Azro


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Oasis of Taourirt

Girls running after the herd. Taourirt, Akka, Morocco

On the top photo you see the common result of the battle between the photographer and local modesty. Yes, there is a goatherd to attend, but the girls are running in order to make my picture as empty of human beings as possible.
Lower left picture is from the tiny, tiny centre of Taourirt. Houses are built quite large as if waiting for expansion, should it ever come, the old houses will blend in perfectly. The lower right shows what it all looks like just out of the centre, where the roads continue, but now flanked only by gardens.

Taourirt, Akka, Morocco

Taourirt, Akka, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen