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1. Oasis of Aït Antar

2. Oasis of Tagadirt

3. Oasis of Taourirt

4. Oasis of Aït Rahal

5. The pools near the spring

6. The crumbling kasbah

7. The imposing Agadir Azro


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Oasis of Aït Rahal

Dangerous mountains in Akka

Air shaft, Akka, Morocco

Some few houses are placed right under the hostile mountains, as if they have been seperated from the main quarters of Aït Rahal village.
Villages out here are often built as defence against heat. To the right a traditional air shaft, which has a "modern" twist: A piece of old tin has been perforated to keep leaves and dirt out.

Escaping from the heat in Akka

By Tore Kjeilen