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1. Oasis of Aït Antar

2. Oasis of Tagadirt

3. Oasis of Taourirt

4. Oasis of Aït Rahal

5. The pools near the spring

6. The crumbling kasbah

7. The imposing Agadir Azro


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The imposing Agadir Azro

Taking care of food against the enemy

Today the Agadir Azro is a very imposing structure on one side, and just another village on the other. The agadir was a food fortification — food is so much more dramatic a necessity hear in the vicinity of Sahara, that wars could be staged over a few sacks of grain. Today, all of that is gone, but the agadir is almost as in the past.

Taking care of food against the enemy

By Tore Kjeilen