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1. Oasis of Aït Antar

2. Oasis of Tagadirt

3. Oasis of Taourirt

4. Oasis of Aït Rahal

5. The pools near the spring

6. The crumbling kasbah

7. The imposing Agadir Azro


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Akka hotels

Tamdoult (t. 048 808030) Poor value for money

Best hotel room in town. Akka, Morocco
The worst night on that Morocco trip, even at a moderate price of 30 dh. Akka has still a lot to learn in terms of good hotels.
Hotels and alternatives
There is only one hotel in town, a real dump!!! This is the place where you have to ask for clean linens, and "clean" is not used as you're used to. Fortunately, the hotel is quite cheap in terms of money, but considering what you get, it is still a ripoff.
The better choice for many is to spend the night in Taghjijt, and head off for Akka with the morning bus.

Restaurants and alternatives
You will have to eat in the cafe in the hotel. That is a better experience, but your choice is limited.

Change Money
You will have to go to Tata to change money. No facilities here!

Infrequent buses pass through between Goulimime in the west and Tata in the east. Taxi services are bad, and involves waiting for hours, or buying all seats in the taxi for yourself. Remember that if you buy the seats of the taxi, the driver is not supposed to sell these over again to other passenger, without reducing your price.

Akka can be very hot in the middle of the day, even in winter time. Bring a hat and lots of water if you make the walk around the oases.

By Tore Kjeilen