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Centre of mountain biking

Amizmiz, Morocco

Largely, Amizmiz town is not interesting, being hastily built houses from the last 30 years. Still, there are a few nice quarters, a zawiyya, a kasbah and even old Jewish quarters.
The immediate nature here is not impressive; Amizmiz' valley is really wide, so the mountains do not touch the village. Still, Amizmiz is interesting due to its location in an area popular for mountain biking, trekking, climbing, skiing, kayaking and off-road 4WD expeditions.

Amizmiz hotels

Rahha (No phone) OK value for money

Le Source Bleu 4 km out of town. (t. 044 454595) Good value for money

Le Relais du Lac 20 km north. Swimming pool (t. 044 484924) Good value for money

Amizmiz has a few fine hotels. Eating is done here, too, or in one of the village small road-side joints. The most recommended is the Le Source Bleu, 4 km out of town.
You should have good options arranging expeditions in the area. The British company, High Country seems to be a good place to start planning.
Unless you are into some real serious travelling, Marrakech is the connecting point for Amizmiz, 55 km north. There are plenty of transport back and forth, minibuses or shared taxis.

By Tore Kjeilen