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1. Lookout with graves

2. Ramparts

3. The babs

4. El-Kamra tower

5. Palais de Raisouli

6. Grand mosque

7. City scenes

8. Wall paintings

9. Frying vegetables

10. Town church

11. The long beach

12. Southern cliffs


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Culture in white and blue

Asilah, Morocco

With the bustling cities of Tangier and Tetouan as close neighbours, you might wonder why Asilah has turned out to be so easy-going as it is. There are plenty of tourists around, some hustlers, but all in all Asilah is a relaxed place to be.
Beautiful Asilah is well worth a stop on your Morocco journey, but you should only think of visiting the city in summer time: Winters can be unpleasant so far north in Moroco, and even more so close to the sea.
Asilah resembles many a place in Greece, with whitewashed houses, broken by some blue wall painting or door. In many areas the standard is higher than in Morocco in general. Asilah is much of a hangout for artists, and walking around the place you will spot many traces of their activity, like paintings on house walls.
Asilah is also working on getting visitors to the place through festivals of different kinds, the one in August every year being the best, where artwork and music are the main ingredients. Once again, summer is the time to visit Asilah.

Asilah, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen