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1. Lookout with graves

2. Ramparts

3. The babs

4. El-Kamra tower

5. Palais de Raisouli

6. Grand mosque

7. City scenes

8. Wall paintings

9. Frying vegetables

10. Town church

11. The long beach

12. Southern cliffs


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Asilah hotels

Marhaba (t. 039 417144) Good value for money
Sahara (t. 039 417185) Excellent value for money

Belle Vue (t. 039 417747) OK value for money
Mounia Apartments. (t. 039 417815) Good value for money
Las Palmas (t. 039 418757) Good value for money

Azayla (t. 039 417600) Good value for money
Oued al-Makhazine (t. 039 417090) Good value for money
Patio de la Luna (t. 039 416074) Excellent value for money
Pension Karam (t. 066 03085) Good value for money
Mansour (t. 039 417390) OK value for money

al-Khaima (t. 039 417428) Good value for money
Zelis (t. 039 417069) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Asilah has a good collection of hotels, where it is equally easy to find cheap accomodation as well as high standards at a price. There are several campsites, all located along the sea.

Restaurants and alternatives
Asilah is only moderately interesting in terms of restaurants, even if you should have a good chance of getting some nice sea food in some of the more expensive places.

The culture festival in August is the big thing. But of course the beach and all simple activities connected to this, is another possiblity in Asilah.

Asilah has some bars, as well as discos and night clubs, which should be good places to visit also for women.

Change Money
Asilah has a handful of banks, which normal exchange services.

Use your own transport, shared taxis or normal buses for visiting and leaving Asilah.

By Tore Kjeilen