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1. Crazy Italian dream

2. Hustlers invite you for tea

3. Peaceful walk between the creeks


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Crazy Californian dream

I was told that the house had just been sold to Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Records (and later Virgin Airways). The young man who was caretaker in the house, wore a Virgin Airways cap to prove that he was honest. This house, kitchy to some, and fantastic to others, is a 10 year long project of the Califorinian antique dealer Luciano Tempo.
The house, which is grand from the exterior, is even larger from the inside. With 2 swimming pools, one inside, 13 bedrooms, and 5 drawing-rooms. The whole house has the quality that nothing has been accidental, and if you ask me, the result is often breathtakingly beautiful.

Asni, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen