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1. Crazy Italian dream

2. Hustlers invite you for tea

3. Peaceful walk between the creeks


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Asni hotels

Youth hostel (No phone) OK value for money

Villa de l'Atlas A few km out of town. (t. 044 484855) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Very limited range of places to spend the night,- one hostel, and one quite good hotel. Both offer good value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
There offerings on places to eat are just as limited as with hotels — simple stall serving often very good food, or the hotel

Change Money
Asni has no banks, so money will have to be changed in Marrakech if you're coming from the north, or Taroudannt if you're coming from the south.

Asni can be reached or left with shared taxis or buses. Communications are fairly good, even if you could be forced to wait for a couple of hours before your connection sets off. Marrakech is the normal communication hub, and there is around 1-1,5 hours travel between it and Asni.

Asni has for years had a culture of hustlers pretending to be villagers who run into you by hazard. These are not physically dangerous, but are clever in how to slim your wallet.

By Tore Kjeilen