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1. The free mosque

2. Town centre

3. A quiet moment

4. Market in the mountains


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Cedars and green tiles

Azrou, Morocco

Azrou, Morocco

Azrou should just have been bigger, and it would have been among Morocco's most attractive towns. The town centre is quite unique in its designs. Especially is this the case with the consistent use of glazed green tiles, and green painted windows and doors.
Azrou is an Amazigh Berber town, and travelling from north, Azrou is the first real town of the Middle Atlas. It is a very important market town to its region, with Thursday as the main market day. This is definitely the best day to visit, with people coming down from every village to sell and buy. Many interesting products are on display that day, at good prices.
Walking the countryside, looking for Barbary apes should be a good way to activate both younger and older travellers. Heading out to the largest cedar tree in the region, the Cèdre de Gouraud, apes should be easy to find.

By Tore Kjeilen