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1. The free mosque

2. Town centre

3. A quiet moment

4. Market in the mountains


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Azrou hotels

Atlas (No phone) Poor value for money
Beausejour (t. 055 563272) OK value for money
Youth hostel (t. 055 563733) Good value for money
Ziz (t. 055 562362) OK value for money

des Cedres (t. 055 562326) Good value for money
Salam (t. 055 562562) OK value for money

Azrou (t. 055 562116) Good value for money
Gite Ras el Ma (t. 055 560008) 8 km out. Good value for money

Amros (t. 055 563663) 6 km out. OK value for money
Panorama (t. 055 562010) OK value for money

Hotels and alternatives
There are a number of OK hotels and cheaper ones in Azrou. In general you get good value, and there should be no problems getting a room at all seasons.
The listing below is extracted from several sources. Its content may be subject for change. VM=Value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
Plenty of restaurants. But note that some of these have a strange custom of adding up the bill, which easily doubles the total cost of your meal.

There is supposedly a nightclub at Hotel Amros, which is open in high season.

There is an open air swimming pool close to town centre, which in summer becomes a very attractive spot.

Cyber Abridn, normal rates.

Change Money
Banks that do all services.

Bus: Several daily to Fez (2h), Meknes(1.5h), Khenifra (2h), Beni Mellal (3h), Midelt, Er-Rachidia, Rissani and Ifrane (30m). Direct connections also to Marrakech (7h), Casablanca (6h)and Rabat.
Shared taxi: These serve about the same destinations as buses, but more flexible, less comfortable and more expensive.

Going next
Ifrane: 17 km northeast
Fez: 80 km north
Meknes: 60 km northwest
Mischliffen: 35 km east
Midelt: 125 km southeast
Marrakech: 400 km southwest

By Tore Kjeilen