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1. Some history

2. Outa el-Hammam

3. Where the water comes from

4. The Kasbah

5. Al-Makhzen market

6. The mountains

7. At night

8. Houses near the mountain


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Chefchaouen hotels

Abie Khancha (t. 039 986879) Good value for money
Ahrazem (t. 039 987384) Excellent value for money
Andaluz (t. 039 986034) Excellent value for money
Bab el Ain (t. 039 986935) Good value for money
Barcelona (t. 039 988506) Good value for money
Guernika (t. 039 987434) Good value for money
Ibn Batouta (t. 039 986044) OK value for money
Marrakech (t. 039 987774) Good value for money
Mouretania (t. 039 986184) Good value for money
Pension La Castellana (t. 039 986295) Excellent value for money
Pension Cordoba (t. 061 926750) Excellent value for money
Pension Mauritania (t. 039 986184) Good value for money
Pension Znika (t. 039 986624) Excellent value for money
Yasmina (t. 039 883118) Good value for money

Rif (t. 039 986982) Good value for money
Salam (t. 039 986239) Good value for money
Sevilla (t. 039 987285) Good value for money

Dar Terrae (t. 070 465370) Excellent value for money
Madrid (t. 039 987496) Good value for money

Asmaa Out of town. Swimming pool (t. 039 986002) Good value for money
Auberge Dardara 12 km southwest. Swimming pool (t. 039 883919) Good value for money
Casa Hassan (t. 039 986153) Excellent value for money
Ksar Aladdin (t. 065 406464) Good value for money
Parador Swimming pool (t. 039 986324) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
There are many small hotels, dead cheap and clean, yet fantastically basic. Some good hotels are also found here. Chefchaouen has started to become more and more popular, so a bit into the night, finding a room can be difficult.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are few restaurants compared to the large number of hotels, and most seem to be a bit under the standard elsewhere in Morocco. The reason for this? Many tourists here need only a room where they can sleep, eat fruit and vegetables bought in the market. And smoke hashish in privacy.

Limited to hotels and their guests. Roof terraces are popular hangouts, but it all depends on the guests.

Change Money
There are some banks in the modern parts of town.

Chefchaouen is well served by buses and shared taxis. Taxis are strongly recommended, they can save you hours up here in the mountains, especially when you travel up to Chefchaouen.

Even if Chefchaouen could seem like a liberal spot for smoking hashish, remember that there are plenty of incidents where the police has arrested Westerners for possession of hashish in this part of Morocco.

By Tore Kjeilen