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Dades Valley

Dades Valley

1. Further up the red valley

2. Between the soft mountains

3. Colourful details

4. At Youl

5. At Oudinar

6. Into 4x4 country


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Aït Oudinar

Dades Gorge

At Aït Oudinar, about one hour from Boumalne du Dades the nature changes dramatically. The mountain and the stones lose their red colour, and the valley narrows to a gorge. Most travellers turn around here, as the continuation will lead you through landscapes which are less unique than the Dades Valley and the road becomes hard to pass for normal cars.
There are a handful of small hotels and cafés here, so it makes a natural stop. And you can buy handicrafts, but most of these are not unique to Dades Valley.

By Tore Kjeilen