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Dades Valley

Dades Valley

1. Further up the red valley

2. Between the soft mountains

3. Colourful details

4. At Youl

5. At Oudinar

6. Into 4x4 country


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Dades Valley hotels

Auberge Peuplier 27 km. (t. 044 831748) Good value for money
Auberge Tissadrine 28 km. (t. 044 831745) Good value for money
Cafe Agdal 63 km. (t. 044 831609) OK value for money
Cafe Mirguirne 14 km. Also cheap mattresses on terrace. (t. 044 ) Good value for money
Cafe-Hotel Taghia 50 km. (No phone) OK value for money
Kasbah Ait Arbi 18 km. Also cheap mattresses on terrace. (t. 044 831723) Good value for money
Gazelle du Dades 28 km. (t. 044 831753) Excellent value for money
El-Ouarda 63 km. (t. 044 831609) OK value for money

Auberge Atlas-Berbere 28 km. Also cheap mattresses in the salon. (t. 044 831742) Good value for money
Kasbah de la Vallee 28 km. Also cheap mattresses on roof and in the salon. (t. 044 831753) Good value for money
Vieux Chateaux du Dades 27 km. (t. 044 831719) Good value for money

Auberge des Gorges du Dades 25 km. (t. 044 831710) Excellent value for money
Berbere de la Montagne 34 km. Also very cheap mattresses on terrace. (t. 044 830228) Good value for money
Sourse Dades 28 km. (t. 044 831258) Excellent value for money

Chez Pierre 27 km. Swimming pool Price include half board. (t. 044 830267) Excellent value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Several good hotels aiming at tourists wishing to get the very most out of the nature excursion. Hotels stretch for 14 to 63 km from Boumalne du Dades, see list for each hotel. Most hotels, and the best, are found about 27-28 km, and the last point for accommodation is the miserable village of Msemrir, with two basic but acceptable hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
Several hotels serve food, and some offer half board, a few even has this as obligatory. Little to worry about, no option here appears even remotely overpriced!

Forget about your car, and walk through Dades until you reach the area of the Todra. Trained walkers should be able to do this easily in a day, as it is no more than 63 km to the "end" at Msemrir. Hitch hiking is possible for parts of the journey.

Change Money
Boumalne has banks offering necessary services. Otherwise, the nearest ones are in Ouarzazate, 115 km west and Tinerhir, 53 km east.

No regular transport, so your own vehicle, your feet or a rented taxi is what you need to enter the Dades. The last is arranged in Boumalne du Dades.

Driving can be dangerous outside summer. Crossing the mountain is done only in 4x4s.

By Tore Kjeilen