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1. Spanish lighthouse

2. Atlantic shores

3. 20 minutes of heaven?

4. Around town

5. Inland shores

6. Spanish relics


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20 minutes of heaven?

Whore quarters of Dakhla is almost commonplace during daytime

Just across the street from the military headquarters and barracks, hundreds of whores from all over Morocco are assembled. In tiny and ugly one storey "apartments", groups of 2-5 women do their business, and tiny grated windows serve as the exhibition and haggle zone.
A walk through the area is quite entertaining, with all the obvious activity going on, and heads of young and old women either saying "Come here" or "Get lost!!". As a Westerner, you will soon discover that you are not welcome.

Dakhla's long street of short lived romance

At daytime, the place keeps its inhabitants, but changes character. The women do their washing, run their courses, they talk and discuss, while kids run from "apartment" to "apartment". But if you walk through these streets too many times, there will soon be a number of civilian Moroccan men following you, making sure that you don't stay here too long.

By Tore Kjeilen