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1. Spanish lighthouse

2. Atlantic shores

3. 20 minutes of heaven?

4. Around town

5. Inland shores

6. Spanish relics


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Inland shores

Fishermen coming ashore in the afternoon. Dakhla, Morocco

Dakhla, Morocco

It could have been the most fantastic beach in Morocco, but it is conscientiously littered with every variation of plastic bottles, sacs and containers that Morocco ever has seen.
The first northern 200 metres are used by fishermen, who bring in their catch in the early afternoon from colourful wooden boats. After that there is a beautiful beach of white sand, that curves into a southern bound direction (Morocco has practically no beaches pointing south, which means that you can't turn in the direction of the sea and the sun at the same time) before the beauty is broken by a long fishing quay.
But everything is simply too littered to even invite you into removing your sandals, less making you lie down.

Dakhla, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen