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1. Spanish lighthouse

2. Atlantic shores

3. 20 minutes of heaven?

4. Around town

5. Inland shores

6. Spanish relics


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Dakhla hotels

Aigue (t. 048 897395) Excellent value for money
Bahia (t. 068 067477) OK value for money
Massira (No phone) OK value for money
Mijak (t. 071 123722) Good value for money
al-Moukaouama (t. 048 930720) Good value for money
Riad (t. 048 930924) Good value for money
Sahara (t. 048 897773) Good value for money

Erraha 1 km north. (t. 048 898811) Good value for money

Doumss (t. 048 898046) Good value for money

Sahara Regency Swimming pool (t. 028 931666) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Dakhla covers the range of hotels from unclassifieds to the 3-star Doumss. Prices are more realistic than in Laayoune, but many foreigners prefer to stay at the camping north of town.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are plenty of simple, and good, restaurants around Dakhla centre. Fish is not surprisingly very good, but remember the ask for it hot (unless you want it lukewarm). During the day, the Samarkand, with nice sea views in an almost romantic setting, is well worth the visit.

Fishing is good here, and is always done on the Atlantic side of the peninsula. Wind surfing is not all that recommended, as there would be nobody around here to save you should you be unlucky. Swimming is very good, but only to the north, of town centre, as fishermen to the south loves spreading garbage around the beach that could have been superb. Swimming on the Atlantic side of the peninsula, is very dangerous because of the high waves, and the normal undertow.

Unfortunatelty the only form of nightlife beyond shopping, is located to the quarters of the prostitutes serving the needs of the many soldiers that are both located here and the ones coming in to Dakhla on leave. It is a strange place, just north of the town streets, with low houses, full of tiny windows, where women have put their faces, waiting for possible clients. Young and not so young men are walking around openly, checking out the goods, discussing the price, before they enter swiftly through one of the doors. The area is off-limits to Westerners, but some of the women appear to be willing to break the law.

Change Money
Dakhla has a couple of banks that offers full service. There are no ATMs in town. Paying with card is highly uncommon.

Grand taxis and buses connect Dakhla to Boujdour or Laayoune. Buses continue even further north, if the 8 or more hours to Laayoune is not enough for you.

Dakhla is more laid back in its military things than Laayoune. If a soldier should catch in an attempt to photograph a military object, he will probably stop you with a friendly smile. However, the large areas of ugly and extremely poor refugee camps to the south, should not be photographed.
Dakhla has Morocco's highest price level on goods, so if plan to buy anything, try to do this before you come down here.

By Tore Kjeilen