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1. The Harbour

2. Town walls

3. In from the town walls

4. From gate to gate

5. Streets in red and blue

6. Shopping streets

7. Shopping

8. Around town

9. The Craftsmen

10. Happy tourism

11. At night

12. The Ramparts

13. The Skala

14. The cliffs

15. Houses near the sea

16. Aerial view

17. Castles made of sand


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Essaouira hotels

des Amis (No phone) Excellent value for money
Argana (t. 044 475975) Good value for money
Central (t. 044 162802) Good value for money
Chakib (t. 044 475291) OK value for money
Majestic (t. 044 474909) Good value for money
Sahara (t. 044 475292) OK value for money
Smara (t. 044 475655) Excellent value for money

Cap Sim (t. 044 785834) Good value for money
Riad Nakhla (t. 044 474940) Excellent value for money
Souiri (t. 044 475339) Good value for money
Tafraout (t. 044 476276) Good value for money

Al-Arboussas (t. 044 472610) Good value for money
Beau Rivage (t. 044 475925) OK value for money
Dar Al Bahar (t. 044 476831) Good value for money
Dar el Qdima (t. 044 473858) Good value for money
Gnaoua (t. 044 475234) OK value for money
Les Matins Bleus (t. 044 785363) Excellent value for money
Palais d'Essaouira (t. 044 472387) Excellent value for money
Residence el-Mehdi (t. 044 475943) Good value for money
Riad Emeraude (t. 044 ) Excellent value for money
Shahrazed (t. 044 476436) Good value for money

Dar Adul (t. 061 245241) Good value for money
Al Jasira On the beach. (t. 044 784403) Good value for money
d'Ounara 24 km, in direction of Marrakech. (t. 044 475972) Good value for money
Riad Lunetoile (t. 044 474689) Good value for money
Riad al-Madina (t. 044 475907) OK value for money
Riad le Grand Large (t. 044 476886) Good value for money
Riad Lalla (t. 044 476744) Good value for money
Vent des Dunes On the beach. (t. 044 472494) Good value for money

Dar Ness (t. 044 476804) Good value for money
La Casa del Mar (t. 044 475091) Good value for money
des Iles On the beach. (t. 044 783636) OK value for money
Maison du Sud (t. 044 474141) Good value for money
Tafoukt On the beach. (t. 044 784504) Good value for money
Riad Al-Zahia (t. 044 473581) Good value for money
Villa Quieta On the beach. (t. 044 785004) Good value for money

Ryad Mogador Near the beach. (t. 044 783555) Good value for money
Sofitel Thalassa Mogador On the beach. (t. 044 479080) OK value for money
Villa Maroc (t. 044 476147) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Essaouira has plenty of hotels, covering all classes. All through the year there can be a certain demand for hotel rooms, and you are advised to check around no later than early evening. My last experience here in April 1998 left me with a clear impression that there is nothing to gain in terms of cheap prices from staying at unclassified hotels.
Essaouira also has a camping ground very close to town centre, and even closer to the beach. It is simple but adequate.
In the summer season, there are also some offers for bungalows for rent. These are normally not very cheap – aiming at groups of young Moroccans or families – but offer more privacy than most hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
The first time I visited Essaouira in 1990, we experienced that there were few places to eat good food. This has changed a lot now, and there are many restaurants all along the tourist trail, and they often offer good food at friendly prices.
Many of Essaouira's restaurants experiment more than average tourist restaurants in Morocco, something that reflects that visitors to this town has more of the traveller's attitude than the package attitude.

The main activity in Essaouira is windsurfing, due to the constant winds that pass this cape. You should bring your own equipment, but there are many hotels and clubs that will help you with the rest.

There is no European-style night life in Essaouira, but a couple of bars serve alcohols.

Change Money
All necessary banks, and some of the hotels will help you too.

It should have been easier to come to, and leave Essaouira by public transportation. The bus and taxi stations are placed north of town centre, and you will have to catch a small taxi to get out here. But as soon as you have come this far, it is easy to find appropriate transportation in order to move on to your next destination.

By Tore Kjeilen