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1. Inside the alleys

2. An ocean of palms

3. Many never see anything but Figuig

4. What seems insignificant but tells the story


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Many never see anything but Figuig

Figuig, Morocco

Figuig is one of those places where the idea that the desert is an ocean, comes alive. Surrounded by sand that is only passable for the skilled, the outside world is something that is quite irrelevant. Even in modern ages, this is the reality to Figuig.
Young men seem to have wings, a great percentage among them leave for large Moroccan cities, or for Europe. Many return, some start businesses here.
For the young woman, the ocean is simply too wide. Hers are only the stories of her brothers and husband.

Figuig, Morocco

Figuig, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen