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1. Inside the alleys

2. An ocean of palms

3. Many never see anything but Figuig

4. What seems insignificant but tells the story


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What seems insignificant but tells the story

Figuig, Morocco

Figuig, Morocco

Figuig, Morocco

Modern ages bring safety and predictability to communities like Figuig. The traditional skills for protecting food and valuables from thieves, thugs or even neighbours are quickly being lost. Those fortresses crumble as an ironical result of life having become so much better for locals.
Pools are very much still in use, as agriculture is the central activity of Figuig.
White shrines are common to Figuig as it is in most other Moroccan villages, a central part of popular Islam, being built as tombs for holy men and women, and visited for cults or obtaining the specific power of the place.

Figuig, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen