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1. City streets

2. Open squares

3. Town market

4. Camel market

5. Weekly market


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Goulimime hotels

Ere Nouvelle (t. 048 872118) Good value for money
la Jeunesse (t. 066 151613) OK value for money
Ouosise Tinghir (t. 068 223992) Good value for money
el Qods (t. 048 871957) OK value for money

Bahich (t. 048 772178) Good value for money
Fort Bou Jerif 40 km northwest. Also with campground. (t. 048 873039) Good value for money
Salam (t. 048 872057) Good value for money

Rendez-Vous des Hommes Bleus (t. 048 772821) OK value for money

Hotels and alternatives
OK on hotels, but note that the best hotel in town is only 2 star, and one of these two is probably peeling off these days just like the paint in some of the rooms.

Restaurants and alternatives
Goulimime has little to offer their hungry visitors, but cafés. There are solutions, however: We were guided to the butcher's, where we bought camel's meat, and then set off for a café/restaurant that prepared everything, and threw in a nice salad at at a price of less than 5 dh per person.

Change Money
There are all bank fascilities available in town.

Good connections in all likely directions, with either buses (major destinations) or shared taxis for all other destinations (shared taxis also drive on the major destinations).

Going next
Aït Bekka (10 km east). Local oasis.
Abaynou (10 km north). Local spa.
Sidi Ifni (60 km north). Old, tranquil Spanish city.
Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas (55 km east). A beautiful cluster of oases.
Tan Tan Plage (150 km south-west) Good beach almost without anyone else.

By Tore Kjeilen