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1. Colonial houses

2. The "burned" beach

3. Peñon de Alhuceimas


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The "burned" beach

Al-Hoceima, Morocco

Overlooking the Plage Quemada, Spanish for "burned". While it is framed by a 1970's tourist hotel, it is open for all visitors (for a small entrance fee).

Al-Hoceima, Morocco

The beach is called Plage Quemada, which means "burned" in Spanish. It is hard to say why the beach here is called so. The sand doesn't bring association to fire, and it is not more hot than other beaches.
It does however have a reputation of being crowded. This is true, but there is no reason to stay away, as it is both clean and friendly. And if the crowds get to much for you, there is plenty of space some 20-30 metres from the shore.

By Tore Kjeilen