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Alpine village

Ifrane, Morocco

Winter is definitely the best time to visit Ifrane, at 1655 metres above sea level, when skiing in the adjacent hills attracts rich Moroccans. Ifrane has good opportunities for winter sports, but there are few things happening in the evenings, and even less outside the season. The buildings of Ifrane are totally non-Moroccan, and were built by the French in the 1930s, and new buildings here, are put up in the same style.
There are three ski lifts around Ifrane, and skiing does not require very warm clothes most of the season. If you're into novelties, look out for the Royal Moroccan Army's elite ski corps. You thought that Moroccans don't know how to ski?

Ifrane, Morocco

Outside season, Ifrane soon gets a desolate feeling. This is from the centre of town in the month of January.

Ifrane hotels

Les Tilleuls (t. 055 566079) Good value for money

Chamonix (t. 055 566028) Good value for money
Perce-Neige (t. 055 566210) Good value for money

Mischliffen Swimming pool (t. 055 566607) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Expensive. Just some few hotels which get quickly full, except outside season.
The only budget option here is a camping ground in town, and another one 8 km south, on the road to Azrou.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating is done in hotels, and you pay accordingly. Even food in shops is more expensive in Ifrane than in the rest of Morocco.

Skiing is not done in Ifrane, you have to drive a car in direction of Mischliffen, where the slopes and ski lifts are found.

Ifrane is poised by the fact that many of its visitors are employees on paid vacations, hence there is little going on after sunset.

Buses and shared taxis run between Ifrane and Meknes. Shared taxis are the better choice, as they do the distance more frequently.

By Tore Kjeilen