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Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

Ifrane d'Anti-Atlas

1. Village and suuq

2. Water is gold

3. Olives and oil

4. Big view

5. Suuq Afla

6. Jewish heritage

7. Sunset


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The village and the suuq

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

Ifrane Anti-Atlas, Morocco

The main suuq of Ifrane is quite typical for the region, but on Sundays it gets an important attraction from the weekly market, when people come from near and far to sell, buy and see.
Ifrane — the village that gave this valley its name — is the most beautiful spot around here. Palms fall in on the roads that meanders between colourful houses and people.
There are few monuments here for sure, but numerous beauty spots. So stop, sit down on a palm stump and talk to the kids following you around. In any language you like, they will understand.

By Tore Kjeilen